spring lake reno stairs + dockatot review

can i make a confession? dave and i are terrible at renovating. we make lists that we can't stick to, we start projects then leave them unfinished for weeks + months, we say we're going to do something and then don't. we're a mess. but little by little, we're finishing projects and getting closer and closer to having a complete home. our most recent project is probably my favorite one to date. when we bought our house, the drywall was missing in various spots, one of those being under the stairs. we both decided to take advantage of the missing drywall and not replace it, but rather turn the area under the stairs into a little nook.

here's what it looked like before:

what a mess. sometimes when i look back at pictures of our home, i can't help but think, "what were we thinking??" but it's come together so nicely and in the end, this home is truly an investment for our future and a very wise purchase for our family.

anyway, back to the stairs! dave built a frame, used leftover shiplap for the walls and painted the entire thing white. he even ran electric and installed an LED light (so it's not hot if elias ever touched it).

here's what it looked like framed and with walls:

dockatot // www.rachelathomeblog.com

first, look at how little + chunky elias was (!!!)

second, framing the space was tricky and took a lot of creative thinking, measuring and custom cutting + fitting. the framing is what held us back from finishing for so long, because dave wasn't quite sure what he should do. but he came up with a plan and it looks beautiful. i'm so proud and thankful for all he's done for our home.

here's what the space looks like today:

dockatot // www.rachelathomeblog.com
dockatot // www.rachelathomeblog.com
dockatot // www.rachelathomeblog.com
dockatot // www.rachelathomeblog.com
dockatot // www.rachelathomeblog.com
dockatot // www.rachelathomeblog.com

we're in love! we created a space underneath to hold a basket of books, hung up a few family photos, added a couple pillows and eventually we're going to make a custom cushion. but for now, our DockATot fits perfectly in this space, which is what elias is sitting on in the photos above.

we love our DockATot because it can be moved around the house so easily and elias loves it (which is important since it is for him!) sometimes i'll put it on the floor for elias to lay on while he watches tv or on the couch when he wants to relax and just snuggle up.

my favorite spot for it right now though, is under the stairs since we don't have a cushion yet. elias can easily crawl up in there and cozy in with a book or the iPad. i've even found myself laying in it sometimes while elias is napping or at night when dave is putting him down for bed. it's quite comfy!

my personal favorite thing about the DockATot is how easy it is to clean. i haven't had it long, but i've already had to wash it once and despite it's bright white fabric, it came perfectly clean. the directions recommends putting it in a washing bag, so i went ahead and purchased one, just to be safe. i'd do the same if i were you.

we have plans to switch elias over to a big boy bed within the next few months and i see ourselves putting the DockATot in his bed to help with the transition. i've seen other mothers do this and i think it's brillant. i'll be sure to let you know how it goes. 

i have a feeling our DockATot will be used in our family for years and years to come. i can picture elias laying in it with his younger siblings, reading books, watching cartoons or napping. overall, i'm 100% satisfied with this product, it's quality and durability. it's a great item to have around the house for your little one and i truly recommend getting one for your home!

what are some of your favorite house projects + kid items?

until next time,

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