projects around the house

when you live in a fixer upper, you keep a constant "to-do" list. it's just part of the gig. you'll have a lot of projects that HAVE to be done (for us that's window trim, bathrooms, closets and baseboards), but and then you'll have projects you do solely for design + appeal. my favorite is obviously the latter of the two. :)

lately, we've been doing a lot of the "fun" projects, while still tackling the "have to's". we've installed hardware on our lower kitchen cabinets, hung shelves + art, painted our front door, potted plants and started our breakfast nook.

dave is taking some time off work this week to work on our baseboards + window trim, which is a big freaking deal, because so many projects (like hanging curtains + finishing our half bath) are on hold until that gets done. so to say i'm excited is a huge understatement.

we've learned that renovating can be daunting and frustrating and sometimes a little miserable, but we're finding balance and little by little, it's coming together. my advice if you're currently renovating? for every "have to" project you complete, do a "fun" one. it keeps things exciting and it's very much motivating to keep moving forward. so far, that's really working for us, so hopefully it works for you too.

anyway, here's a few recent photos from around our house. enjoy!

Until Next Time,

R + D + E