a springlake reno kitchen update

it's been a year now since we first laid eyes on our home and started actively pursuing it. there for a while i was keeping you all updated on the buying process and then when renovations started, i tried my best to keep you all in the loop. about half way through though, it just wasn't fun anymore and i started getting really discouraged with the process and was totally and completely over it. so i stopped updating and decided to hold off until it was complete or at least almost complete.

since my last update, we have moved in (yay!) and if you follow me on instagram or snapchat, then you've seen peeks of our home here and there. we moved in right before Christmas, so we've been here for about 2 months. and while it certainly is a liveable space, it's still no where near finished. dave works every night to get things done, but there just aren't enough hours in a day to completely finish it in a timely manner. that's just what happens when you do everything yourself.

anyway, a few weeks ago we felt really overwhelmed and decided to focus on just ONE room. so we picked the kitchen. choosing one room to work on at a time has certainly helped with our stress level. so today i wanted to share a few photos of our kitchen, where we are with the decorating process and what's to come.

but first, let's remember what it looked like BEFORE...

springlake reno kitchen update

yikes. my how far this room has come. i mean.. there was once a toilet in the middle of this room. a toilet. so happy we are past this mess. now let's take a look at what our kitchen looks like today.

springlake reno kitchen update | www.rachelathomeblog.com

muuuuch better. new floors, drywall, paint, cabinets, appliances- are all obviously new and were completely necessary for this space to even be a kitchen. the floors are reclaimed and were actually a craigslist find. dave found them, installed them and then called in a pro to refinish them for us. we love how they turned out. we went with white shaker cabinets, a farm sink and butcher block counter tops. dave also installed a few open shelves on both sides of the kitchen.

what it still needs: drawer and door hardware, backsplash (we're going with white subway tile), the kick-plate under the cabinets, a cabinet door or curtain for under the sink, window trim + baseboards, a light over the sink and maybe one day an island (still thinking about that one). the rug you see is an old one that i didn't know what to do with, so i put it here and i don't hate it, but i don't love it either. i think it certainly warms up the space and makes it feel a lot more cozy, but i'm not sold on the print or the size (it's too small).

springlake reno kitchen update | www.rachelathomeblog.com

we had a hutch in this corner for a while, but have since moved it to the living room. i really love the idea of building bench seating area in this corner and adding a table under the light. i think it's the perfect space for a breakfast nook, don't you?

springlake reno kitchen update | www.rachelathomeblog.com

this picture makes me realize just how bad we need hardware for our cabinets. we obviously love white, but it needs to be broken up a bit. i think black hardware will do the trick. we've searched lowe's and home depot for hardware, but haven't had much luck. i'm thinking we need to order online. also. can we just take a moment to appreciate this shiplap wall?

so that's where we are right now. it's come such a long way and still has a great lengths left, but we're getting there. i can't thank my husband enough for all the hard work + love he has poured into this place. i wouldn't say this is our "dream" home or even our "forever home", but for this particular season in our lives, it's exactly where we need to be.

until next time,

R + D + E

kitchen sources:

appliances- GE Artistry series purchased from Home Depot

pendant light- Ikea

apron sink- signature hardware

cabinets- purchased locally

butcher block counters- Floor & Decor