Bathtime Favorites

When I come across products that I absolutely love, I have to tell someone. So today, I'm sharing  a few of our bathtime favorites.

Bathtime Favorites/ Nuby Review |

First of all, Elias absolutely loves bath time. I mean.. look at that face. Does that not look like a kid who's having the time of his life? I swear, he would sit and play in water all day long if we'd let him. He especially loves it now that he can sit on his own- it makes playing + splashing a whole lot easier. And I'm not gonna lie, it's a lot easier (and a lot more fun) for us to bathe him, now that he can sit on his own, too. We find ourselves letting him stay in the tub long after he's all clean, just to watch him babble and play.

Several weeks ago, Nuby sent us a few bath toys and at first, I honestly wasn't sure if Elias would like any of them. I just couldn't imagine him playing with them or knowing what to do with them, but I didn't have any bath toys for him so I thought, "What the heck.. we'll just try them out anyway." Boy, was I SO wrong. The Nuby Splish Splash Stacking Bath Cups quickly became Elias' absolute favorite toy. He plays with them all. the. time. Inside AND outside of the tub. When we leave the house, we always bring 1-2 of the cups with us because we know he prefers them over most of his other toys.

There are 5 cups total in the pack ranging in different sizes. They're stackable, colorful, BPA free, easy to hold AND have holes in the bottom so baby can watch (or feel) the water drain out from them. Right now, Elias is really interested in cups. He's always trying to grab mine or Dave's cups to "drink" out of them, so these bath cups are especially fun for him. Like I said, they're his favorite. WE. LOVE. THESE! Go buy them.

Nuby also sent us a bath book that Elias likes to chew on and hold on to during bath time. It's a cute, colorful, waterproof book that's filled with pictures of animals and even has a page that makes a squeaky noise. I like it because it's soft, easy to clean and can be used in and outside of the tub. It's not Elias' first choice toy, especially when his cups are present, but he still loves it and plays with it during bathtime.

Bathtime Favorites/ Nuby Review |

Our favorite body wash + shampoos are Honest Company's Sweet Orange Vanilla body wash and Earth Mama + Angel Baby's Calming Lavender wash. Both smell so great and *bonus* they are Think Dirty approved, which gives this momma peace of mind when bathing my little guy. If I had to choose a favorite out of the 2 it would for sure be, Honest Company's body wash. We find ourselves using that one a lot more than the other, simply because it lathers so well and smells so insanely good. Not gonna lie- I've even used it on myself before a few times.

If Elias has had a rough day, isn't feeling well or is having trouble winding down, I reach for the Earth Mama wash. It's lavender scent is calming and helps not only Elias, but me and Dave as well, especially if it's been, "one of those days". Both are a must in our household and I highly recommend them to other families.

Bath time has quickly become our favorite time as a family. It's a great time to slow down, reflect and just hang out with each other. Plus, Elias is so happy in the tub and happy babies are simply the best thing to be around, especially after a long day.

What does bath time look like for your little one? What's your favorite shampoo + body wash?

Bathtime Favorites |

I was given the Nuby Splish Splash Stacking Cups and Nuby Bath Book for my review and was not compensated for this post. The opinions above are my own.