Spring Lake Laundry Room (BEFORE)

Today I'm back with another BEFORE photo series from our Spring Lake Reno, but before I go any further I wanted to give a quick update on our place.

All the work that's happening right now is behind the scenes and/or prep work for bigger projects. For instance, my brother and I spent hours pulling thousands (and I really do mean thousands) of staples out of the floors to prep for the hardwood. I also patched every hole and crack there is to prep for paint and Dave has worked for weeks on plumbing and cutting out + building a seating area for under the stairs. Dave also installed a new back door and the old shelves have been removed from all of the closets. So much has happened, yet it doesn't feel like anything has happened at the same time. It's honestly been kind of disheartening.

It wasn't until about 2 weeks ago that a real noticeable change was made, when all of our old windows were replaced with new ones. Then, the following week, we got a quote about drywall and 3 days later he was installing it. Drywall was the one thing we were most excited about because it was such a HUGE check off of our "to do" list. There are now walls and ceilings and finished closets and it just looks so great. 

When we aren't physically working on the house, we are buying for it. In fact, we've made some rather large purchases lately, which has been really fun and exciting. We purchased our kitchen counter tops (we decided to go with butcher block!!), bathroom flooring for all 3 bathrooms, a sink for our master bathroom and I think the most exciting purchase we've made so far is *drum roll please* our FARMHOUSE SINK for the kitchen. It's seriously so dreamy and worth every penny we spent. We sat Elias in it while we were at the showroom and I just about fell on the floor. I can't wait to use it and more importantly give him baths in it.

Next on our list of things to do is, paint and then floors. There are a whole lot of little (and big) things that still must be done in order for the house to be finished, but once the floors are in, the house will be move in ready. We're crossing our fingers and hoping for that to be no later than mid-September.

So let's talk about our laundry room. First of all, I'm just excited to not have to do our laundry in a dark, cold basement anymore. At our old house, there was a drain right in front of the washer + dryer, so I had to wear my shoes to avoid stepping on it or in any water. Plus, the floors were always so dang cold.

Laundry in our new house, is on the first floor, and is the connecting point between the garage and kitchen. The door closed in the photo below leads out to the attached garage and where I stood to take the pictures, is the kitchen. Due to it's proximity to the garage, I see this room being the main entrance to our house (at least for us anyway). It only makes sense that we would get out of our car and enter through this door, rather than go around to the front. With that being said, I really want to take time to make this space something worth looking at as soon as you walk in.

Here are a few of my ideas. First of all, the hardwood floors will remain consistent throughout the house, including the laundry room, which is why I love the photo below on the right so much (via thistlewoodfarms.com).  We talked of switching up the pattern of the flooring and laying it in a herringbone pattern, just to add a little somethin', somethin' to this room, but we probably won't make that decision until it's time to install the floors.

Since this will be the space that our guests and family will more than likely see first, I want it to be inviting and clean- something that isn't normally associated with a laundry room. The photo on the left (via rightupmy-alley.blogspot.com) really catches my eye. I love the light colored walls, the white cabinets, counter top and ship-lap wall with hooks. It's practical, organized and clean.

When Dave and I purchased our kitchen appliances, we went ahead and bought a new washer + dryer as well. After a lot of consideration, researching and talking with friends, we decided to give a front load washer + dryer a shot. Purchasing those over a standard washer + dryer, allows us to install a counter top, similar to the photos above. Out of curiosity, I asked Dave if we would have any butcher block counters left over from the kitchen reno, in which he replied with, "Yeah, about 6 ft." So we measured the laundry room and guess what? It's about 6 feet long. (Um. Can we say perfect?!) So our plan is to use the left over counter from the kitchen as the counter over our washer + dryer in the laundry room. I think it'll be a great addition to the room and allow for a nice work station when folding and sorting laundry. Plus, it'll save us time AND money.

We've already taken down the existing wire shelves and plan to install a new shelf or cabinet for storage. I also want a bar for hanging clothes and some sort of area to keep laundry baskets. I'm striving for a space that "make sense", is easy to keep organized and makes me want to do laundry (is that even possible?). We'll see...

I've also been searching for jars of various sizes, wire baskets, vintage scoops, metal tins, etc. to hold our laundry detergent, clothespins and wool dryer balls. Aren't the pictures above so cute (via countryliving.com)? Everything really does look better when it's put in a big glass jar. Don't ya think?

For more laundry room inspiration visit my Pinterest page.

Until Next Time,

R + D + E