Springlake Dining Room (BEFORE)

Hey there! I've been working behind the scenes on my website for about 6 weeks now and am so excited that it's finally live. If you are visiting my site from a desktop, you'll notice I added a sidebar on the right with easy navigation tabs to my archives, my Instagram account, our home renovations and even broke my posts down into categories. If you are visiting my site from your cell phone, the sidebar is at the very bottom of the page. If you scroll all the way down you'll see it. I worked really hard to build a user friendly, easy to navigate site and I'm really happy with how it turned out. I hope you all like it too! :)

Today, I'm sharing BEFORE photos of our dining room and talking about how we envision this space. I'm pretty excited about having a dining room, so let me show you what we have in mind!

Springlake Reno Dining Room BEFORE | www.rachel-at-home.com

This is our dining room, looking in from the living room. From this point of view, the room looks small, but it's actually very large. A few things I love: the white french doors leading into the space and the chair railing. Both add the charm + character that I love, so they are definitely staying. We plan to give the doors a fresh coat of paint and change the hardware to something a little more rustic. The ceiling fan will be replaced with a light fixture and the walls will be painted Thistle Seed by Valspar.

Space was limited in our old home, so we weren't able entertain or have family + friends over like we wanted. In this house, we finally have space and want to make sure we have plenty of room for our guests + our growing family. With that being said, a large table is a MUST. And when I say large, I'm talking 7-8 ft. long. Dave really wants to build our table rather than purchase and I'm encouraging him to do so. I think it would be really special to have our table built by him. I can see it being something passed down through the years in our family. The pictures above are a few tables we really like. I even love the rug in the photo on the left.

This wall (once it gets new drywall, of course) will hold our pie safe that Dave found in someones trash a few years ago. If you aren't sure what a pie safe looks like, I found one similar to ours via Pinterest, below. Ours is in pretty rough shape and needs to be sanded and re painted. I plan to hold some of my Pyrex collection in the pie safe as well as extra dishes, table linens and silverware. When I fish it out of storage, I'll be sure to take before + after photos of it.

The wall below has me a little stumped. We're selling the mirror, but I'm honestly not sure what to do with this wall once it's empty. Gallery wall or no gallery wall? With how large it is, I'm tempted to do a gallery wall, but I also like the idea of keeping it minimal and clean.

As far as furniture is concerned, I'd love to add a credenza or buffet table, but we'll have to see how much space is available once our table is in. The white greenhouse in the picture above is from Ikea and we actually purchased it just last weekend. It's something that I'd love to incorporate into this space, maybe as a center piece for our table or on top of whatever piece of furniture we purchase for that wall.

I'm not sure what we will do about seating yet, but how cute are the chairs below? The color combo wouldn't work for our space, but I love the idea of them being mismatched. I'd also like to have a bench or two as well for our long table. 

As I mentioned above, the ceiling fan will be removed and a light fixture will take it's place. The lights in the photo below are extremely similar to lights Dave purchased a few weeks ago, at a local thrift store. The lights he found aren't gold, but we are thinking about spray painting them to look like the picture below. Something about white and gold just looks SO good, don't you agree?

That's all for now. If you wanna see more dining room inspiration, visit my Pinterest page.  Next up is the laundry room!

Do you have a dining room? How is yours decorated? I'd love to hear or see your spaces.

Until Next Time,

R + D + E