Currently we are...

> Working on the plumbing in our new house. So. Many. Busted. Pipes.

> Making decisions on flooring, cabinets and counter tops (We know what we want- but getting it for a reasonable price is tricky)

> Experimenting with our essential oils. Last week when we were all dealing with allergies, I diffused lemon, peppermint and lavender. Today, I'm diffusing sweet orange and it smells so good. I bought a book/guide on essential oils and have been reading it during Elias' nap time. It's FULL of recipes that I'm so eager to try out and share with you all.

> Trying to figure out what diapers we want to switch too. We're currently trying Seventh Generation, but I think we may go ahead and switch to cloth.

> Making lists of home decor items we want and DIY projects needing to be done. I can't wait to get my hands on our pie safe we found almost 2 years ago in someones TRASH. It's a beautiful piece that I still can't believe was being thrown out. Their trash, our treasure.

> Watching and waiting for 2 more of Elias' teeth to pop through. They're almost there!

> Making numerous trips to Lowe's (I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot of time there over the next several weeks)

> Reading/researching about solid foods and Baby Led Weaning. Elias has been showing a lot of interest in food lately and even though it's not nutritionally necessary for him to eat solids now (breast milk is all he REALLY needs for the 1st year) it's still fun to let him try stuff. He grabbed a peach I was eating the other day from my hands and put it in his mouth. It was adorable.

> On Season 7 of Friends- NO ONE SPOIL ANYTHING. I have no idea how the series ends or any other "major" events that happen. So shhhh.....

> Trying to soak up this warm weather and Elias' first summer

> Praying for strength, guidance and contentment. The next several weeks will be tough as we renovate our new space. The plumbing situation alone has been very trying and frustrating on us as a couple. I want our house to be everything we've ever wanted, but at the end of the day, I want to remember how divinely blessed we truly are.

What are you all up to? Any of you mommas use cloth diapers? How is it going? Can anyone give any tips on renovating a house? Leave me a comment below!

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