Packing Up Beau Brummell

So the buyers of our home accepted our offer, the inspection went well and the appraisal came in at the exact price we sold it for. We are feeling super thankful at how smoothly the process is going so far with selling our home. Buying the one we want is a whole different story though, which I'll talk more on at a later time. We don't have an official closing day, but it should be somewhere around May 15th, meaning we've been SUPER busy lately.

While Dave is at work, I've been packing as much as possible, but with a 4 month old baby needing me, the process has been pretty slow. Somehow I've managed to pack up majority of the house though over the past couple weeks, and there isn't much left to go. Every day we find ourselves needing something that has already been packed, so we've been eating out a lot (which I hate) and improvising when we need things. The other night, Dave wanted to grill burgers, but we didn't have matches, so he took newspaper and lit it with the stove, then walked all the way outside to the grill with it. Only took him 2 tries to get it. It was pretty entertaining and the burgers were delish!

Anyway, our house is pretty bare and I'm starting to get all sentimental and such over this place. We didn't pick this home out together, but it still holds a lot of memories for us and was the first home Elias ever lived in. I'm anxious to move forward, but leaving will be bittersweet.

Before we started packing and surrounded ourselves with boxes and chaos, I went around and snapped a few pictures of our house. I didn't try to straighten up before taking the pictures, I just took them as our house was in it's current state. I'll miss Elias' room the most.

As much as I'll miss this house, I'm SO excited to move on and move into the house we've been eyeing for a while now. I can see our new house all decorated in my mind and it literally makes me giddy. We just can't wait. If you don't mind, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we finish up packing and buying our new place- we're really gonna need it!

Until next time,

R + D + E