Wrapping up March

At the end of every month, I always have a hard time believing that the month is over and a new one has begun. "It's already February!? It's already March!? It's already APRIL!?" But it's true, time is such a bully and before you realize it, months have passed. And now more then ever, I'm realizing how precious time is and find myself trying to remember every little thing that happens. I know it's not possible to remember it all- but I can try! I take so many pictures and videos, I write in Elias' baby book and now I have this blog. I want to document as much as I can, for as long as I can, because we all know that time doesn't slow down.

So at the end of each month, I'm going to do a "wrap up" of the month. I'll post pictures that I've taken and talk a little about what we did in an effort to remember it all.

In March, Elias turned 3 months, Spring finally arrived (!!!!!), we took lots of walks, celebrated Dairy Queen turning 60 with free ice cream cones, went to the first VW car show of the season and planned for our upcoming trip to Florida. We celebrated friends + family members birthdays, Dave saw The Lone Bellow in concert and we also acknowledged that I was pregnant this time last year and didn't know it yet, which was fun to think about. We spent as much time together as we could and went outside on all the sunny, warm days. But, I think the most exciting parts of March for me was finally launching my blog annnnnd getting an offer on our house!!!!! Just last night we got the call that someone wanted to buy our home and boy are we excited! 

So today is April 1st, my daddy's birthday (no joke!) and we already have so much to look forward to this month. We're taking our first family vacation to Florida next week and now that we're selling our home, we will have to start packing and getting ready to move. I'm so excited for whats to come and to document this journey along the way. Big things are happening for us Thompson's! Thanks for tagging along. :)

Until next time,

R + D + E


Man Cub shirt: Loved By Hannah and Eli

Forest Baby Blanket: Spearmint LOVE