Slowing Down

When I was a teacher I cherished my weekends. Dave and I both worked Mon.-Fri. jobs, so as soon as we got home on Friday, we would leave. We would do as much as physically possible on our 2 days off together- dinner out, shop, visit family + friends, go to concerts. We would cram every sort of activity imaginable in to our two days off together and rarely rested. I remember feeling so drained come Sunday evening and wishing for just 1 more day to rest before the new work week started. Now that Elias is here and I'm not teaching anymore, I cherish those 2 days off with Dave even more then I did before. It's our time to be a family of 3, together, all day, for 2 whole days. But they're a lot different now... they're slower. Much slower.

But that's what having a baby does. They slow you down. Now that Elias is here it takes us longer to get up and ready for the day, we're late everywhere we go, our meals are typically cold by the time we eat and making plans (like watching a movie from start to finish) can sometimes be really tricky. But you know what else? Our mornings begin with baby smiles and cuddles which makes it impossible to get out of bed, getting him ready for the day always turns in to play time on his changing mat because that's where he is happiest, and leaving my meal to feed him can be (if I'm being honest) frustrating, but also rewarding, because I know I'm providing him with all that he needs nutritionally. Plus, he's starting to smile after he eats which makes me feel like he's telling me, "Thank you". The smiles, cuddles and sweet giggles makes my heart wants to pop and eating my food cold, being late somewhere or never finishing a movie just doesn't matter anymore.

Elias is teaching me to slow down, to not try and cram every activity possible into our time together. He's teaching me that just being present is so much better than going anywhere for the sake of going. My mornings are slower, getting ready takes longer and I'm taking what feels like forever to write this, because as I type, I'm watching Dave walk around with our boy. Elias' head is resting on his shoulder and he's dozing off to sleep. I've paused several times to watch them and my heart just aches in the best way possible. Elias makes me pause and watch, he slows me down, he makes me think, he makes me feel.

So here's a snippet of our slow Sunday. We ate lunch, stopped by the grocery to pick up Fair Trade bananas and flowers and then visited our favorite local coffee shop, Heine Bros., where we both ordered Vanilla Icebergs. Elias was in THE best mood all day and the weather was so beautiful- cool and sunny. We took our time. We played. We laughed. And took lots of pictures (as always). I even pushed aside my normal anxiety of when and where to feed Elias and did it in public for the first time successfully (go me!). I hope your weekend was as sweet as ours.

Would it be cheesy if I quoted Ferris Bueller right now? You know the line.. "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

Until next time,

R + D + E