a conversation with a working mama

Savanna Monroy runs Style, Marriage, & Motherhood, a blog she started in September 2015. Savanna was born and raised in Utah. Her husband came here from Mexico when he was in the seventh grade and she says she is, "grateful that fate put him in my path." In June of 2014 they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Tahlya. Tahlya has become the main focus of her life and therefore, also on her blog. Savanna is a newly defined fashionista and photographer. She's also a student and part time employee, but most importantly is a mother and a wife.

Social media brought Savanna and I together. Soon were exchanging emails about motherhood and sharing stories on life as a working mom and life as a stay at home mom. I had been wanting to share my experience and decision making process of becoming a stay at home mom for quite some time now, but never felt the timing was right to talk about it. Now that it's been a year of me staying home, I decided to open up and share my thoughts with her. Savanna did the same with me and today we are sharing our stories with you all. Below is Savanna's take on not only working outside of the home, but also being a student as well.

Thank you, Savanna for sharing your story with me and for being so kind and gracious these last few weeks. You're a sweet, sweet soul.

Q: Did you struggle in the beginning with wanting to stay home vs going back to work? If you did, what helped you decide to return to work?

A: The beginning? No. I actually was going crazy being at home. I spent five months at home with Tahlya after she was born. I was used to working, so being at home was rough. I started out working two days a week simply to get out of the house and bring in a little income. However, now I wish for nothing more than the chance to be stay at home! It’s funny how you always want what you don’t have.

Q: You work outside of the home, run a blog AND you're a mama. I have to know, how do you balance it all (dinner, laundry, grocery shopping) and how do you squeeze in personal time?

Right now we are living with my parents. We are in the process of deciding if we want to rent or take the plunge to buy a home. Having my mom in the house REALLY helps when it comes to dinner and grocery shopping. Life is busy. That is really all I can say. There is not a whole lot of down time and I honestly cannot recall the last time I had genuine personal time. I semi joked with my husband the other day that I could not remember the last time I was able to shave my legs. Being the sweetheart he is, he made sure I was able to do it when I got in the shower. I am a lucky woman.

Q: Being a stay at home mom myself, our days and schedules vary greatly. I'm curious-what's a typical day like for you and your family?

A: Hmmm, okay Monday through Friday looks a little like this… If Luis (my husband) is not working the early shift we see him for a bit in the morning. Tahlya watches cartoons while I get her breakfast ready. I spend the morning doing anything from playing with Tahlya, to getting some laundry and cleaning done. After getting ready I am off to work where I am lucky enough to have some time to work on my blog! When I get home I either find something to make for dinner or I get to eat something my mom made. Luis, Tahlya, and I spend the evening together and if we can get Tahlya asleep before we are completely exhausted, we get some alone time. If I have classes… Oh man the day just becomes madness!

Q: What piece of advice could you offer to the new mama struggling with going back to work after maternity leave?

A: Everything will be okay, and I truly mean it. Being away from mama for a little while will help your little one in the long run! I believe it helps them with separation anxiety and that in the long run they will be a little more independent! So keep your head up, it is so so hard but it will be okay.



To read about my experience and transition from working outside of the home to staying home, head over to Savanna's blog, Style, Marriage, & Motherhood. There you'll find my perspective on staying home, as well as some advice + insight I shared for all you mamas thinking of doing the same.

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