family photos: a yearly tradition

For our 1 year wedding anniversary, Dave and I called up our friends + wedding photographers to schedule an anniversary photo shoot. Ever since then, we've met each year around the same time (October- early November) to capture our family on film. The first year it was just us as newlyweds, the second year I was pregnant and this year we have Elias. It's turned in to one of my favorite traditions and I'm so happy we've made time every fall to do this. I can only imagine what the photos to come will look like and how they'll change each year with more children and more personalities. Looking at these makes my heart so full and reminds me of what's good in life. I'll truly cherish them forever.

Real talk: Elias was not a happy camper during our shoot. He wouldn't smile, he didn't want Dave to hold him, he whined, he fussed, he was sleepy and just a big ol' grump. I guess that's what I get for taking him out of his normal morning routine of Daniel Tiger and pj's til' 10. *sigh* Oh well. They still turned out absolutely beautiful and I couldn't be more pleased. Our photographer is Firm Anchor Photography, check them out here.